About me

I am Azruddin Afsar Khan. An entrepreneur, I.T professional and a story teller.
BCA (bachelors of computer application) from Sikkim Manipal University and multiple other certifications.
Dwindling between being passionate and obsessed with the confluence of spirituality and science, responsible business and the politics of knowledge, i have gained a diverse range of experiences. From working in a BPO for few months to learn the secret of customer satisfaction to working 6 years for various Information Technology and Marketing firms as tech-support, network administrator and marketing executive,  I have learned the art of combining my business sense, technology and state-of-the-art digital marketing techniques to help businesses create a recognised brand and generate revenue.
Deeply entrenched in the Indian startup ecosystem i am currently on my entrepreneurial journey with my startup “Redtree Infomark”. I have also entered the exciting space of e-commerce with “www.xeroseven.com” handling analytics , Redtree Infomark is team of experts with appetite for innovations, the latest projects ( a revolutionary reward program and a unique after sale support for smartphones) are due to be launched soon.
I am a motivator, a optimist and a guy who loves playing with data and number to create statistics that make sense.  Things that I am proud of are my parents, my confidence and the “never give up” attitude.
An ardent lover of coffee, books and gadgets. I always try to keep myself updated with latest technology and business movements. When not brainstorming i love spending time with my wife and my “Royal Enfield”.
I believe in the incredible power of stories to connect with people and ideas, hence i try to bring some of the best stories and articles at azruddinkhan.wordpress.com, this blog is a window to see the world from my point of view. So feel free to read, like and comment.
My key mantra of life- Though I believe in destiny, I believe more in hard work and persistence.
3 ‘A’s of my life – Aspire. Act. Acknowledge

Reach me at azruddin@outlook.com or azruddinkhan.wordpress.com
I tweet at twitter.com/azrkhan and spy on others at facebook.com/azrkh4n.




I tweet on @azrkhan
Facebook.com /azrkh4n


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